Can your hotel offer more value to your guests?

Over 70% of travel experiences are bought in the destination. How many of the activities going on in your area(s) can easily be sold to your guests? Are you making ancillary revenue from any of them?

Can your hotel offer more value to your guests?

Why couldn't you build your own experiences offering?

We know how good your local knowledge is and you may have a great concierge service that you could in time develop your own marketplace with.

But your concierge is only human.

It takes 6-24 months to setup a big enough marketplace to be relevant and you'd require a full technical build including complex coding, e-commerce, synchronisation and supplier management.

If you outsource the work it could cost anywhere between €50,000 and €200,000 and then you still need to onboard suppliers. Once you have enough suppliers you still need to curate the content, make sure the companies are legitimate and the languages work for your website.

How do you ensure supplier services are available? good quality? pandemic proof?

Most travel suppliers sell things on multiple channels, like Viator, Tripadvisor, GetYourGuide and other OTAs as well as directly on their own website. How do you ensure their products sold on your website are available in a few days notice?

Synchronisation, curation and pandemic proofing

Synchronisation with the back office is key. If you cannot synchronise the availability of a product directly with a providers booking service for their own website you will have problems with availability.

Quality control is vital. Services need curating for quality and payments need managing so that your guests are looked after. Your brand reputation depends on it.

Finally you need to safeguard against things like the pandemic. Can you provide a way that your guests will never be significantly out of pocket if their experience is cancelled?

Can your hotel offer more value to your guests?

Toristy manages this so you don't have too

Unlike existing solutions we have software as a service a hotel can use that embeds curated, realtime services on their own website.

This allows you to;

  • Save Money : When creating the offering you don't spend 6-24 months coding, another constant job adding and curating suppliers, nor do you spend any money, just a little time.
  • Make Money : You actually make ancillary revenues as we revenue share the profits with you. It costs you your time to install a widget on your website and send us invoices.
  • Create better offers : You can offer better services by having more local knowledge, add your own services to the system and more. In destination sales digitalised!
Toristy Product Sheet
Toristy backStack
The backStack is a set of software services designed to sit in the background so that your brand is front and centre. This white paper outlines the software services we offer to enable companies to easily manage and maintain experiences on their own websites and marketplaces. Fill in the form to get it today.
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