Toristy and InDest Combine Technologies

The move is designed to strengthen both companies' offerings

Date Published: 2022-05-24

Toristy, a software solution that develops curated marketplaces in order to sell tours and activities in the experience sector of travel, today announced a partnership with inDest to strengthen their combined offerings.

InDest is a unique MOBILE ENGAGEMENT platform powered by the world’s largest inventory of in-destination products & services, that uses artificial intelligence to help you to offer tailor-made in-destination products and services to the right traveller at the right time. For instance, when a traveller arrives at their destination their hotel could send an SMS or Whatsapp message with all the services going on in the area for the traveller to purchase in real-time.

Steve Jackson, CEO of Toristy comments "Our sales partners are hotels, transport companies and travel agencies. They are in the business of comfortably getting people from point A, to point B. It’s when they are in point B that we are interested in reaching those guests. InDest's platform allows our partners to trigger SMS or WhatsApp messages when their customers arrive at their destination showing Toristy services on their mobile phones. In addition by using the Toristy platform, InDest can add their own supplier experiences from their wide network of travel partners. We're delighted to get this partnership over the line and look forward to working with InDest".

Maksym Turyanskyy, CEO of InDest comments "With inDest you can reach your travellers just before and during their trip by sending text messages. The overall opening rate of these text messages, sent both as SMS and through WhatsApp, is already averaging 22%, and the booking rate coming through is on average 10% across all our booking categories. We see huge potential in our engagement platform which can considerably help Toristy's partners get in destination experiences in front of their customers. InDest has services from all the major OTAs already but now with Toristy's platform we can allow our B2B customers to add their own unique experiences to the system, enriching our offers too. It's a win win for both companies."

JP Fortune, Toristy's new CTO adds "This is a really exciting time to be joining the company. This technology partnership opens a range of new opportunities for tour operators to get their products in front of potential customers when they are at their destination. I'm looking forward to helping develop the ecosystem we're creating. It's decentralising travel experience distribution by enabling a turnkey option for hotels, transport companies or travel companies to become their own mini OTA for the regions they work in."

If you would like to find out more about the partnership please contact Steve or Maksym below; For Toristy: Steve Jackson or call +358 50 343 5159 For InDest: email Maksym Turyanskyy or call +38 06 751 35139

Additionally you can meet Steve at in Berlin between the 29th and 31st May in the first European event Arival have held since the pandemic began.

About Toristy; Toristy is a software as a service (SaaS) company that makes tours, activities and holiday experiences famous with tourists. We make our partners and suppliers new revenue streams, distributing curated travel products and services through SaaS embedded marketplaces. We can create these marketplaces in minutes for companies such as local airlines, ferries, trains and hotels.

About InDest; inDest is a unique AI-powered B2B2C platform that drives in-destination revenue for travel companies. Powered by the world’s largest inventory of in-destination products & services all products are offered proactively to your customers at the right time and feature instant confirmation and mobile tickets.