Use blocks to work with services

Use Wordpress Blocks to display services from a category, location or a different type. If you have numerous products this organises the information in a great way across Wordpress.

Organise your services

If you have a few types of services (rentals, accommodation, charters, events) you can categorise and manage them as pages with blocks in Wordpress. 

Single service pages

Add service pages to your Wordpress site that come from Toristy. This gives you the ability to build the Wordpress look, feel and style around the services that you're selling via Toristy right on your own website. 

Integrate widgets

Easily add button widgets, calendar plus buttons, or entire pages (including the copy from Toristy) to your Wordpress website. Elect to only add our buttons to your existing pages or create them entirely from scratch. 


Make any adjustment to your pricing in Toristy and it will work across all the pages you have them listed on Wordpress. Adjust for colours on our widgets, calendars and buttons. Adjust fonts and font sizes to suit your WordPress deployment.

Import data from Toristy

Importing the data you use in Toristy to your wordpress deployment allows you to take advantage of the natural search engine optimisation gained by having content in your pages rather than iframes.


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