Accept bookings on your terms

Offer snowmobile and sledge hire activities on your website using our booking widget. Offer with or without a guide and manage bookings from your calendar

Customer Satisfaction

Send confirmation emails to your customer immediately and allow them to login and check their invoices. This saves you doing everything manually.

Sales Channels

Join a channel network local to you so that local destination marketing companies (ferries, hotels, airlines) will sell tickets to your rides and activities from their websites.

Manage Bookings

It's easy for you to manage all your bookings from Toristy via a ticket stock system. You can set how many tickets are available from your mobile phone.

Adjust Anything

Make any adjustment to your pricing in Toristy and it will work across all the channels we work with. Adjust for season, whether there is a guide or just equipment rental.


Your booking platform will monitor sales and how many customers you have. You can also integrate Google Analytics so you can see where sales are coming from.


Contact us for more information

We're confident we'll be able to help you. Whether you're a tour and activity operator that needs a reservation system, or you already use one and want an In Destination sales strategy.

You could also be an enterprise that wants to monetise traffic from your travel, media or other consumer travel website.

We'd love to get on a call for half an hour to find out how we can help.

Drop us a line to let us know who you are and one of our representatives will be in touch to find out more about what you want to sell.