Direct Sales Plan

Own website sales only

€0 /mo

2.5% / transaction fee

1-3% Credit card fee

Free Custom Setup

5 Free Onboarded services

Toristy Sales Channels

Phone & Slack Support

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Advanced Sales Plan

Need for OTA Channels

€79 /mo

6% / transaction fee

1-3% / credit card fee

Free Custom setup

Up to 15 onboarded services

Relevant In Destination Channels

OTA Sales Channels

Phone & Slack Support

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In Destination

Reselling your services

€0 /mo

15% sales commission

Relevant In Destination Channels

Your sales paid monthly

No extra fees (15% flat)

Includes Reserve With Google

Works with Bókun

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Enterprise Sales Plan

Travel consumer site, own Marketplace

€0 /mo

Free Pilot

Full Content Control

Own Marketplace

Significant monthly earnings

Optional API connection (SEO)

Toristy account manager

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Frequently asked questions

Each service plan can be combined, for instance you could elect to take our direct booking tools + reselling. Or reselling + Channel management (but without direct booking). Contact us for more information.

Reservation tool integration

Prices quoted for advanced and direct assume you use Toristy as your reservation system. We have integrated Bókun so you may go direct to our In Destination or advanced Sales plan. If you have a reservation tool our advanced sales plan is 4% not 6% per transaction to connect to channels.

Booking Widgets

Code snippets that allow you to add a book now button, calendar or full page with full description depending on how your site works. You may also use our API integration if you want to benefit from the content being on your website pages for search engine optimisation.

Payment Management

Stripe powered payments platform backed by highly scalable infrastructure built from the ground up for redundancy, security, and velocity. If you'd like to use a different system than Toristy's own stripe based platform this can be arranged, point of sale is coming soon.

Wordpress Integration

Wordpress is used by approximately a third of the worlds websites. We have a plugin that integrates your services directly into Wordpress native pages allowing you to get the search engine optimisation benefit, whilst also keeping all your services in synch across their availability.

Channel management

The main difference between our direct plan and the advanced sales plan is online travel agent channel management. The 6% assumes you also use Toristy as a reservation tool. If not its 4% plus the monthly fee. We synchronise availability with all major OTAs (300+ globally).

In Destination Enterprises

If you have a well trafficked website aimed at consumers and want to earn from all the relevant suppliers we have our enterprise sales plan is for you. You'd get your own white labelled marketplace embedded into your website and potentially an API connection depending on your needs.