How to display my product/service in a different language?

By default Toristy language is English, you can display you product/service in another language.

Toristy lets you display your product/service in different languages in our Translations option. At the moment available Finnish and Spanish, more to come soon.


To add or edit the Translations navigate to:

Navigation  ➡️  Product / services  

Screenshot from 2020-05-08 08-44-17


When in the Product / services inventory page, all the services are listed. Click on the product/service which the translation needs to be added or edited.

Screenshot from 2020-05-14 10-17-54


After clicking the activity to be edited, the Service Editor is displayed. Click on the Translations option, followed by selecting the desired language in the top right flag drop-down menu.

Screenshot from 2020-05-14 11-58-28

Finally enter the Name and add the Description text in the respective language.


Remember always to save. Click on the save button.