How to add stock management and pricing for an activity?

Key step for a bookable activity, where you add the capacity, set booking limits and add the pricing.

Setting the stock and pricing is the last step to make your activity bookable. 


To add or edit the stock management and pricing navigate to:

Navigation  ➡️  Product / services  

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When in the Product / services inventory page, all the services are listed. Click on the product/service which the stock management and pricing needs to be added or edited.

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After clicking the service to be edited, the Service Editor menu is displayed. Click on the stock management and pricing option. 

To add a new stock and pricing navigate to the  ➕  icon on the top right.

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Basic Data

This first box is related to the inventory, we will create the group for the pricing categories. You set the name of the pricing group and then set the inventory for that particular group.

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Booking Limits

In the booking limits box, you are able to set the minimum and maximum specifically for the group.

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The pricing box lets you set the price for the pricing categories you have created, there is a checkbox to the set active you want, giving you control over what you want to show in the frontend and setting up different options depending on the service you offer.

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Pickup/Dropoff Service

This box will show only if you have set the Meeting Points.You activate them separately depending on what service you are providing your customers.

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Additional Resources

The additional resources require a separate setup from the service itself. Here you will be able to connect the resources with the activity. By clicking on the top right button the resources created will be pulled. More detailed instructions will be added soon...

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Available Extras

The extras will show only if you have added them in the Extras option. By checking the box the extra becomes available for the activity, you can set the price and the maximum amount (limit) that can be sold. 

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Click on the create button to complete.