How to set meeting points for my product/service activity?

Adding a pickup and dropoff for an activity its possible in Toristy, you can also customize the meeting point and pricing.

To add or edit the meeting points navigate to:

Navigation  ➡️  Product / services  

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When in the Product / services inventory page, all the services are listed. Click on the product/service which the meeting points needs to be added or edited.

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Meeting config


After clicking the activity service to be edited, the Service Editor menu is displayed. Click on the Meeting points option, followed by selecting the different configuration options: 

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How to get there? 

This option lets you choose where your customers will be able to start the activity, 3 options are available:

  • Meet on location
  • Pickup/dropoff only
  • Meet on location or Pickup/dropoff only

How many minutes before the service starts does the pickup service start?


Set a tax rate for the pickup and drop off services?

As this is transportation, in your country this service might have a different tax.

Allow custom pickup/dropoff ?
Pickup and dropoff services must be the same?


Meeting points

For adding the meeting point, head to top right and click on the

+ Create meeting point button. Meeting points can be as many as you want.

Mandatory fields include:

Meeting point title

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Remember always to save. Click on the save button.

Where in the booking process?

The Pickup and Dropoff service provided by you can be chosen by your customers in the first step called Extras  in the booking process.

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