How to add pricing categories to an activity?

Pricing categories are usually set as Adult and Child, but in Toristy you can also customize it and named it as needed.

Setting the pricing categories is the second step for making your activity bookable. 


To add or edit the pricing categories navigate to:

Navigation  ➡️  Product / services  

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When in the Product / services inventory page, all the services are listed. Click on the product/service which the Pricing categories need to be added or edited.

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After clicking the service to be edited, the Service Editor menu is displayed. Click on the Pricing Categories option. 

When on the Pricing Categories, to add a new category navigate to the  ➕  icon on the top right.

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Pricing category name: write the text for the pricing category, this will be the name that your customers will see when choosing and booking the activity.
Pricing category name (translated): translation for the pricing category if you are using other language.
Ticket category:  you can choose from
adult        child        teenager        infant        senior        student        military        group        other  
Occupancy: number of participants this category occupies
Minimum age: set a minimum age for the category
Maximum age: set a maximum age for the category


When all the options are filled, click on the Create pricing category button.



If you are editing remember always to save. In this case click on the modify pricing category button.