How to add availability to an activity?

Set the days and also the specific time, if any, when your activity its offered.

Setting the availability is the first step to make your activity bookable. 


To add or edit the availability navigate to:

Navigation  ➡️  Product / services  

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When in the Product / services inventory page, all the services are listed. Click on the product/service which the availability needs to be added or edited.

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After clicking the service to be edited, the Service Editor menu is displayed. Click on the Availability option. 

To add a new availability navigate to the  ➕  icon on the top right.

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Availability type
  • One-time event: if the service will have only one specific day.
  • Ongoing service: if you service is offered several days a week, all the week days will be displayed.


  • This option shows when its a one-time event. Choose a specific date here.


  • This option shows when its a ongoing service. Choose the days of the week you want to offer the service.

Set a time?

  • If your service has a specific start time then select yes.


  • The days or hours your service is going to last.
    Days example: a festival event can be an event that lasts 3 days.
    Hours example: a walking tour that goes on for 2 hours.
Max tickets per availability time
  •  Available tickets for the specific day or time. If its an ongoing event, then for each day and time will have the amount of tickets you put in this option.
 Available all year round
  • This option is checked by default, if you want to set a specific period un-check the box and you will be able to see the calendar option as shown below.
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Remember always to save. Click on the save button.