Experience 365

Revenue share partnership

We add value by curating supplier content, managing contracts with suppliers, integrating with your existing systems, managing payments and developing a new ancillary revenue stream for you at no direct cost. Your company adds value by providing access to travellers that may be interested in the services we offer for sale.


What we do

We manage reservations for tours, activities and experiences. The idea is to integrate with your website to provide a sales channel for relevant tours, activities and experiences. If we don't have tours today in your area we can source them from over 30000 operators globally, very quickly.
We integrate with existing systems via API (i.e. CMS, GDS, HMS) and provide data, analytics and reporting.

How we do it

First we contract with travel experience providers in your area of operation, arranging a commission which we can share with you.
Then we integrate curated supplier content to your website via an iframe or API connection. Its secure, fully customisable, works with any website and can be tailored exactly to match your look and feel. More importantly all products shown are priced and available regardless of other channels they are sold on.

How we're different

To build your own marketplace would require 6 figure investments, management and curation of supplier services and significant work (we're 10 man years onto the tools we've built).
In working with Toristy to build an experiences marketplace, your only cost is time. We would need access to your web development team for 1-4 weeks to get going.
You solve the demand problem, we solve the supply problem.

Payment handling

We automate payments via our own stripe based system or if our supplier has their own system we can use that. In effect all you have to do is send us a monthly invoice for your part of the commission.
All transactions are recorded by our platform for full transparency and invoicing can be automated in any currency.

Managing customers

Our suppliers are fully committed to handle customer requests, complaints and cancellations. We will support this process too with messaging and support emails making sure everything is GDPR compliant.
Cancellations are all handled 100% free up to 1 day before the service takes place unless specifically mentioned.

What's your role?

As a partner we would like you to help us sell in your destination as we only make revenues if we sell. So we'd like to do joint PR with you and help us tease the content throughout your site as the pilot proves itself.
Ideally an area where local suppliers could sign up via your site would be great too.
Your customer support staff would also need some light training in case customers have queries.

$183bn industry

According to industry sources tours, activities and experiences constitute $183 billion worth of annual revenue but only 20% of it is currently bought online. Think back to hotels before As an operator that works in the destination where the activities are located you have the visibility and the traffic to make good ancillary revenues.

Small suppliers that make up more than half of the tour and activity providers generate less than $250,000 in gross revenue annually. Technological advancement for this sector has been slow. This is now changing rapidly due to the rise of segment specific technology and distribution platforms.

Alice Jong (Research Manager) PhocusWright

Alice Jong

70% of attractions and experiences are bought within 3-7 days of taking the trip. Almost 50% are booked on the trip itself or 1 or 2 days in advance. Tour and Activity operators need to have the technology to be bookable when the traveller wants to book, not when its convenient to take the booking.

Doug Quinby (CEO) Arival

Douglas Quniby
Full control over the marketplace

How it works technically

We curate all the content, making sure that the details about sales, availability and that each company is a real reputable business with all the correct certifications. We then embed a script onto your website that pulls the information from our backend into your website. The fastest way to deploy the marketplace is via an iFrame, but we could also set-up an API connection so that the content is fed into your pages natively. 

You have full control 

If a particular service isn't possible to run on your website for whatever reason (i.e. you sell the same services yourself) then they can be disabled from the platform. 

We will endeavour to make sure that doesn't happen prior to that of course as our team will work closely with you, but if something slips through the net you can immediately disable the service (or the supplier) from showing up on your website. You have full control of what is shown at all times.