A Travel Marketplace For Your Business

Offer tours, activities and experiences on your website at no cost to your business. Earn ancillary revenues from 1000s of curated services in a revenue sharing model. Sound interesting?

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Revenue share partnership

What we do

We add travel supplier content to your website, manage contracts, payments and develop a new ancillary revenue stream for you at no direct cost.

How we do it

We find travel experience providers in your area, arranging a commission which we can share with you. Then we utilise your traffic to sell those services.

Why us?

To build your own marketplace would require 6 figure investments. Many have already failed. Our system can plugin to your site and start earning immediately.


We get that you run a big business with lots of acronyms. CMS, GDS, HMS, OTA etc etc. We will work to integrate systems where needed.


Our suppliers are fully committed to handle customer requests, complaints and cancellations. We support this process too with email and chat.

Your role?

Drive the traffic to the offers. Web visitors fuel sales. You already have them, we want to put our services in front of them so we can help them find cool stuff to do.

$183bn dollar industry

According to industry sources tours, activities and experiences constitute $183 billion worth of annual revenue but only 20% of it is currently bought online. 

Think back to hotels before booking.com. As an operator that works in the destination where the activities are located you have the visibility and the traffic to make good ancillary revenues.


How it works technically

We curate all the content, making sure that the details about sales, availability and that each company is a real reputable business with all the correct certifications.

We then embed a script onto your website that pulls the information from our backend into your website. The fastest way to deploy the marketplace is via an iFrame, but we could also set-up an API connection so that the content is fed into your pages natively.

You have full control 

If a particular service isn't possible to run on your website for whatever reason (i.e. you sell the same services yourself) then they can be disabled from the platform. 

We will endeavour to make sure that doesn't happen prior to that of course as our team will work closely with you, but if something slips through the net you can immediately disable the service (or the supplier) from showing up on your website. You have full control of what is shown at all times.

Next steps

Not every enterprise is eligible to be a Toristy partner, we need to evaluate each proposal on its own merits. Your level of traffic dictates what we can offer your as a percentage. 

We have negotiated approximately 15% commissions with our suppliers and we will work with you to develop a fair revenue split.

We do however really want to talk to you so we can get any partnership off on the right footing, so there are no hidden surprises for either party.

We'd love to get on a call for half an hour to find out how we can help.

Please fill in the form or email us directly with your contact details.

Alternatively if you're interested in talking right now try our chat bot. If one of our representatives is available we can book something immediately.

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