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For the ultimate whale Safari experience cruising from Tromsø city with the newest Yacht in town. These last seasons, whale are up North at Skjervøy area, and the only way to come there by boat on a daycruise, is by a faster boat.

Having seen a lot of the other boats in the harbour and speaking to people who had been on larger boats – this is definitely the way to travel in a smaller boat with fewer people. The boat itself is really nice, comfy and spacious. The skipper was a great guide and excellent chef. We found the whales very easily and spent a good 3 hours out on the water.

Falkirk, United Kingdom

We offer our guests a unique and cozy whale experience. Our wonderful yacht Arctic Queen are for those who want maximum enjoyment among good friends, and/or make new friends in a private luxury cruise. We are cruise among snow-covered mountains and narrow fjords, and the scenery is magic.
The most common species are the humpback whale and Orca (killer whale). We provide the latest and the most exclusive yacht in the city,  highly skilled and certified skippers. The skipper is always together with our guests and make sure everybody is ok. We are sharing stories, local history while cruising. You also get a new skipper friend,  and we love our new friends from all around the world.  Our Tripadvisor feedback tells that the guests love us, too.

We were really lucky to have Kurt as our guide and Arctic Princess is a real gem to travel with. It is really clean and cosy. Plus you get an up close view of the whales as it is small enough to get close to them without scaring them off but at the same time, it wasn’t rocky or rough. Kurt is really friendly and you don’t just get a guide, you meet a friend instead. I still miss his fish soup! Highly recommended for anyone who is keen to whale watch and have a great experience!

Visited December 2015 Novi C London, United Kingdom  

Note: We only bring max 8 (Arctic Queen is certified for 11 guests) guests onboard for even better comfort! If you are are whole group, we can take max 11 guests. Please let us know.

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