Women's Island Self-Guided Tour: Walk a forgotten path

Be the boss of your own adventure. Spend an unforgettable day rediscovering the history which was supposed to be forgotten forever. Experience the diverse past of the Women’s island, which combines beautiful wildlife with breathtaking views with the most exciting pieces of history.The journey begins from the historical Seaplane Harbour of Tallinn from where you can choose between 3 routes with hidden gems: 

• A humble hiking trail (~6 km) to explore the history of the coastal people. You will visit the scenic Hülkar tip, search for the ruins of the mysterious battery no. 4, and walk back to the harbor through Männiku village where you can see the island's life today and visit its modest museum. 

• A long hiking trail (~ 11 km) that runs from Männiku village along the coast up to Naissaare Church and Cemetery. The trail passes through a magical forest and ends up in a former top-secret Soviet military base. 

• A hiking trail for cyclists (~13 km) through a primeval forest road that winds up at the Naissaare lighthouse where you can enjoy breathtaking views of the island. It is highly recommended to use a rental bike or bring your own*. 

*additional charges will be applied  

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