Wolf howling safari in Tiveden


Join Naturguide Tiveden to get the chance to experience the wolves howling in the territory of the Tiveden wolves! We go out into the wolves territory to experience their lands. We track for tracks, droppings and maybe we are lucky to find a prey that they have slain. By the light of the fires flames we listen for the wolves howling. During the wolf safari we safely and secure stay overnight in tents. Welcome to experience the wolves of Tiveden with us !

During the afternoon/evening we go into the territory of the Tiveden wolves to stay in their realm. 2013 a finnish-russian wolf couple were tranfered from Tornedalen in Swedish Lapland down to Tiveden, where they settled. It is these wolves we will watch for and listen to. The latest brood in 2017 the Tiveden wolves got 5 pups. We start with a dinner by the campfire where you get to learn about the wolves, their lives and habitats. The experience continues with a shorter walk where we look for the tracks of the wolf.

It can be foot tracks, dropping or even a slain prey. During the night we set camp and listen to the wolves by the camp fire. We stay overnight in tents, safe and secure. You will fall asleep in the wolf territory. All equipment for the overnight stay is provided by Naturguide Tiveden. On Saturday morning we have breakfast and then head back. To hear one of several wolves howling nearby or in the distance is an experience and a memory you will take with you for the rest of your life!

This includes 

Tents, sleeping bags, mattresses, pillows and blankets are provided by the guide. All meals are included in experience (1 dinner and 1 breakfast). We have binoculars for all guests.

Info in short 

The deadline for booking is 20 00 o clock the day before. The tour starts at Friday afternoon/evening and ends at Saturday morning. Good shoes – rubber boots, hiking boots or good sneakers. Warm clothing needed to bring. Rain clothing is good to bring.

Time: Start 17:00 and 16:30 hrs. The tour takes about 16 hrs
Place: The guided tour takes place in the forests outside Tiveden national park
Price: 2 500 SEK/adult, 1 500 SEK/child
Participants: Max 8 persons

Meeting place

The guided tour takes place in the forests outside Tiveden national park. Tiveden is situated right between Stockholm and Gothenburg in south Sweden. We meet up at Tiveds skola (Tived school). By car – follow the signs for Tiveden national park. From Karlsborg: 25 km. From Askersund: 30 km. From Laxå: 38 km. Train station in Laxå. Transfer is possible from Laxå, Laxå train station and nearby airports. All transports are included during the safari.

Fridays 20-07-24 until 20-09-18.
Start May 18:00 hrs | June 18:00 hrs | July 18:00 hrs | Aug 17:00 hrs | Sep 16:30 hrs