Wilderness safari Sweden summer - beaver, moose and wolves


This experience is made for you who wants to see as much as possible of what we and
our precious nature in Tiveden and Sweden has to offer – beaver, moose and
wolves howling! On Wednesday we start with a relaxing yet exciting beaver
safari. We continue on Thursday by tracking the moose in its realms and watch
it during a safari tour in the wild. As if this isn´t enough we reach higher
levels of excitement on the Friday when we go out into the wolves territory to
experience their lands. The chances to hear them howl are big. During the wolf
safari we safely and secure stay overnight in tents. In the realm of the
Tiveden wolves! 

We start of Wednesday with a relaxing yet exciting beaver
safari. From our boat or canoes we watch for these otherwise shy animals. We
get to experience the beavers habitats and lokk at their impressive hut/house.
Our boat is electrical, to show care for the beavers aswell as the environment.
A simple and good meal is included. 

Thursday we continue with moose safari, where we learn more
about and watch for the kiong of the Swedish forest – the moose. The night
starts at our wilderness safari lounge where we eat a classic Swedish dinner.
Of course with dessert. By the fire we get to learn more about the life of the
moose. Thereafter we go for a shorter walk in the lands of the moose where we
track moose and enjoy the calmness. Before sunset we head out on the safari to
watch the moose. 

The experience on the Friday is the wolf howling safari. During
the evening we head out to the territory of the Tiveden wolves. They originate
from Russia. We start with a dinner wehere you get to learn more about the
wolves, their lives and habitats. Our experience continues with a shorter walk
where we look for tracks, droppings or preys. During the night we set camp
where we listen for the wolves howling. We stay overnight in tents and if not
to excited fall asleep after these days packed of new experiences. On Saturday
morning we eat breakfast in nature before we head back. You will definitely
enjoy this memory for the rest of your life! 

This includes 

All meals are included for every experience (totally 3 meals and
1 breakfast). We have binoculars for all guests

The tour is made with a boat with electrical motor or with canoe. Life vests
are included.  

Info in short 

The deadline for booking is 20 00 o clock the day
before. The tour is on four following days (Wed, Thu, Fri with finish on Sat)
with each experience starting every evening/night. Good shoes – rubber boots,
hiking boots or good sneakers. Warm clothing needed to bring. Rain clothin is
good to bring. 

The tours take Wed (5 hrs) Thu (5 hrs) Fri-Sat (16 hrs)
Aug start 16:00 hrs, Sep start 15:30 hrs
The guided tour takes place in the forests outside Tiveden national park
4 250 SEK/adult, 2 000 SEK/child
Maximum 8 persons 



The guided tour takes place in the forests outside
Tiveden national park. Tiveden is situated right between Stochkholm and
Gothenburg in south Sweden. We meet up at Tiveds skola (Tived school). By car –
follow the signs for Tiveden national park. From Karlsborg: 25 km. From
Askersund: 30 km. From Laxå: 38 km. Train station in Laxå. Transfer is possible
from Laxå, Laxå train station and nearby airports. All transports are included
during the complete safari. 

Dates available for booking 

Wednesday evenings 20-08-07 until 20-09-03 (The
full experience lasts Wed-Thu and Fri to Sat morning)

Aug start 16:00 hrs | Sep start 15:30 hrs  

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