Wilderness safari Sweden autumn - red deer, wolves and cranes

This experience is made for you who wants to see as much as possible of what we and
our precious nature has to offer! Red deer rut, wolves howling and cranes migration.Thursday
we start with a special and exciting red deer safari. On Friday we continue
with wolf safari venturing out to closely experiencing the territory of the
wolves. The chances are good to hear them howl. During the wolf safari we
safely and secure stay overnight in tents in the wolves territory. We finish
this complete experience with watching the thousands of cranes landing to sleep.
Meals are included every night as well as breakfast during the wolf safari. 

We start on Thursday with a special and exciting red deer
safari. During the evening in the autumn we watch for herds of red deer as well
as the mighty and proud bulls. In the evening darkness the sounds and howl-like
mating calls from the bulls sound like monsters! We watch for fighting bulls during
this exciting evening.

We start with a information, dinner outdoor. Dinner is included. 

The experience on the Friday is the wolf howling safari. During
the evening we head out to the territory of the Tiveden wolves. They originate
from Russia. We start with a dinner where you get to learn more about the
wolves, their lives and habitats. Our experience continues with a shorter walk
where we look for tracks, droppings or preys. During the night we set camp
where we listen for the wolves howling. We stay overnight in tents and if not
to excited fall asleep after these days packed of new experiences. On Saturday
morning we eat breakfast in nature before we head back. 

Finishing on Saturday evening with experiencing thousands of
cranes whom are gathering to prepare for the migration south to Spain from
their breeding areas in all of Scandinavia. In the evening at sunset the fly in
over a big marsh to land in a shallow lake to sleep. During the evening we we
watch thousands of cranes flying in from the 15 meter high look out tower
(built in 2015) as well as hides close to where they land. We start with a
information, and dinner outdoors. Dinner is included. 

This includes 

All meals are included for every experience (totally 3 meals and
1 breakfast). The guide provides tents, sleeping bags, mattresses and blankets.
We have binoculars for all guests.  

Info in short 

The deadline for booking is 20 00 o clock the day before. The
tour is on four following days (Wed, Thu, Fri with finish on Sat) with each
experience starting every evening/night. Good shoes – rubber boots, hiking
boots or good sneakers. Warm clothing needed to bring. Rain clothin is good to

The tours take Thu (5 hrs) Fri-Sat (16 hrs) Sat (5 hrs)
16:00 hrs
The guided tour takes place in Hasselfors
5 250 SEK/adult, 2 000 SEK/child
Max 8 persons 



The guided tour takes place in the forests outside Tiveden
national park. Tiveden is situated right between Stochkholm and Gothenburg in
south Sweden. We meet up at Tiveds skola (Tived school). By car – follow the
signs for Tiveden national park. From Karlsborg: 25 km. From Askersund: 30 km.
From Laxå: 38 km. Train station in Laxå. Transfer is possible from Laxå, Laxå
train station and nearby airports. All transports are included during the
complete safari. 

Dates available for booking 

Thursday afternoon 20-09-17 and 20-09-24 (The full
experience lasts Thu and Fri to Sat morning and Sat evening)

Start 16:00 hrs   

58.985744, 14.636033
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