Owl safari

Join us to look and listen for owls in the forests of Tiveden. Here you have got the possibility to hear several of the thrilling and mythical owls that are out there. Are you lucky you will meet the owls mesmerizing glance, something you will always remember afterwards. There are few experiences in nature that are as intense as owl watching.

In the fresh early spring evening we head out to listen for owls. As certain as the cranes and swans arrives every spring is also the appearance of the owls hooting. We tour around to different locations to look for barn owl, pygmy owl, Tengmalm owl and also the shy Great Grey owl. You will learn to recognize the calls of the different owls as well as their behavior so that you are able to look and find them on your own.

Did you know that all the different calls from owls have got specific meaning in Swedish folklore, mostly connected to the powers of darkness? Or that the male of the Tengmalm owl can play for hours and hours to attract a female? This and a lot more you will experience during this tour.

This includes

During the evening we will make a stop and make a fire to have a meal and drink coffee, tea or hot coco. There you will also learn more about the owls, their habitats and myths. Binoculars are included. All transports during the safari is included.


Warm clothing. Good shoes, hiking boots or rubber boots.

Time: The tour is about 5 hrs
Start: 17:00 hrs
Place: The guided tours takes place in Tiveden
Price: 1 500 SEK/adults, 400 SEK/child
Participants: Max 8 persons

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