Beaver safari in Tiveden


Come along and go looking for beaver, from land or in a boat. In our waters lives the interesting beaver which with it´s big teeth can fell enormous trees. During an evening in which a simple meal is included we head out to find the beaver! In streams, rivers and lakes lives beavers, which with their big teeth fell small as well as big trees. With great haste and will the beaver builds dams and floods areas which creates new living areas for not only beavers but also birds, insects, plants and animals.

Here´s your chance to experience this shy animal in nature. We start with a presentation where you get to learn more about the beaver, it´s home range and ecology and life. Did you know that the teeth of the beaver continues to grow throughout it´s life? Or that it has a big tail with which it paddles?

This includes

The tour is made with a boat with electrical motor on open water. A simple and tasty meal is included. Of course there is vegetarian alternatives. Coffee, tea or syrup. We then head out to find the beaver during the summer evening. Life vests are included. All transports included during the safari.

Duration: 5 hrs
Starts: See start time info on dates available for booking
Price: 1 000 SEK/adult, 400 SEK/child
Participants: Max 5 persons

Meeting place

The guided tour takes place in the forests outside Tiveden national park. Tiveden is situated right between Stockholm and Gothenburg in south Sweden. We meet up at Tiveds skola (Tived school). By car – follow the signs for Tiveden national park. From Karlsborg: 25 km. From Askersund: 30 km. From Laxå: 38 km. Train station in Laxå. Transfer is possible from Laxå, Laxå train station and nearby airports. All transports are included during the safari.

Dates available for booking

Wednesdays 20-05-13 until 20-09-23.
Start May 18:00 hrs | June 18:00 hrs | July 18:00 hrs | Aug 17:00 hrs | Sep 16:30 hrs

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