SNOWMOBILE TO MEET THE VIPS - Reindeers, Huskies & Santa!


The adventure begins when we pickup our snowmobiles at the base around 30 km away from the city center. Enjoy the ride and scenery as we depart to meet Lapland’s VIP animals, the reindeers and huskies; then finally to meet the legend himself, Santa!!!

First stop by snowmobile is to the local reindeer farm. Meet and hear stories about the reindeers from the herders, and then drive the reindeer sleigh like Santa! Receive your special reindeer license upon successful drive.

Next stop continuing by snowmobile is to the lovable and cuddly huskies! These dogs are full of personalities and are awaiting to pull the sled! Find out which huskies are royalty by their behaviour.

Final stop before returning back to the snowmobile base is Santa Claus Village. Before meeting the legend himself enjoy a Finnish buffet lunch there so that you’re not hungry, and on your best behavior. The arctic circle border line is also there, where you will receive your “Arctic Circle Certificate” upon crossing that line. Make sure to check out Santa’s Post Office which provides a one-of-a-kind special Christmas delivery service and stamp.

Note: Suitable for guests over 14 years old. Driving license required.