Ranua Zoo Tour and Auttikongas waterfalls

Get ready for a full day adventure in Finland's magical nature. Start your day by meeting the Arctic animals in the world’s northernmost Ranua Zoo, and then take a hike to lovely Auttiköngäs waterfalls.

Our full day zoo and waterfalls adventure starts with a hotel pick-up. We only work with small groups as we want everyone to have an authentic experience. Our local English speaking guide will be available to you every step of the way, so don't hesitate to ask questions. It takes about an hour to get to Rauna Zoo, a unique wildlife park that provides a home for more than 200 animals. In the guided tour of the zoo, you will get a chance to see polar and brown bears, gray wolves, geese, owls, foxes, lynxes, minks and more. There are about 50 different species living in this forest zoo. After the tour, we will have a lunch in a cozy restaurant and have some time off to enjoy the nature and visit souvenir shops.

We continue our tour by taking a 45-minute drive to Auttiköngäs Waterfalls. These gorgeous cascade waterfalls are located in lush intact Finnish forests, where the only man-made constructions are stairs along the trail and wooden hut where we will take our break. The 3.5km circle trail takes us along the waterfalls, into the forest and to the Könkäänvaara Hill - a lookout point from which you can see the dense green foliage and splashing Auttijoki river. Your local guide will tell you about the rich flora and fauna and point our friendly animals we will meet along the way. We will stop for snacks and hot drinks and recuperate before we pack up and drive back.

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