Northern Lights Wilderness Tour - Professional camera included


You will get picked up from your accommodation by our guides at an agreed time (timing confirmed on the day of the tour). You will be offered professional winter overalls and proper boots so that you will not get cold during the tour (temperature can drop to -30C). Once you are fully equipped, your guide will drive you northwards, far away from Rovaniemi, straight out to the wilderness to start hunting for the Aurora. 

The weather forecasts and the solar activity reports are always checked during the day, so that we can arrange the tour in such a way that we get the best chance to get a clearer sky and observe the Northern Lights. Based on the analysis of the meteorological situation and on our experience, we will select some locations that are more promising and would offer a better chance to see this natural phenomenon. During the tour, your guide will also always check the weather conditions and you may decide to try another location if you are willing to. As this excursion is a Aurora hunt, you may get the chance to visit up to 3 locations and increase your chance to observe the Northern Lights. 

This excursion will also offer you the opportunity to head into the Lapland wilderness and explore the arctic nature. You may embark with your guide on different routes that will always lead you to fantastic scenery. You may take a short walk through the very old, white and snowy forest or to the top of some fells, you may cross a hanging wooden bridge over powerful rapids, you may also enjoy the silence on a lake beach or may stand in the middle of an immensity of ice and snow... Hopefully, with Auroras dancing over your heads!

Those experiences are almost always done in the complete dark, this way your eyes get time to adjust to the dark. Not only do your eyes adjust (you actually see better in the dark!) but then you see the scenery in a completely new and beautiful way. 

During the tour, you will also get the opportunity to build a fire, whether in the nature, next to a log hut (what we call here Laavu, or Kota) or in a tiipii. Your guide will teach you how to lit a fire in the traditional way, without matches or lighter, using nothing else but silver birch bark and flint and steel to lite it. Once the fire is lit and the kettle is boiling, your guide will keep an eye on the moving sky. While waiting for the first greenish arches to appear above your head, they will share with you their knowledge and passion about the forest, the nature of Lapland and its wildlife, and naturally the northern lights. You will also get some hot beverages to warm you up, grill your own sausages over the open fire and enjoy your snack with the most famous Finnish mustard.

We invite you to take your own camera with you (you can rent or buy a tripod from us if you wish) to capture the auroras. In all cases, your guide will be equipped with a professional camera and will take as many pictures as possible (feel free to ask him!) of you and of the Northern Lights. A link to download all the pictures will be sent to you the next day. Please download these within 7 days of the tour before the link expires. 

In all our excursions, our groups are limited to 8 people maximum. It it very important for us to provide you with the best experience as possible, and avoid mass tourism. This way, your guide will know you better and will be able to address all your needs and answer your questions. Furthermore, when it comes to Northern Lights, chances to observe them properly are increased when groups (and light pollution emitted by torches, phones, cameras) are reduced. As we usually say : the smaller the group, the bigger the experience !

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