Jingle Bells – Sleigh Ride in the old forest

Jingle Bells – A Reindeer Sleigh Ride in the old forest. 

In wintertime we'll take you to a reindeer sleigh ride to the forest. You will experience the feeling of the oldest local transport. In old times, reindeer was the only transport available in rural areas of Lapland. Still in 1960's, local people used to have tamed sleigh reindeer to go to a village grocery, or to school. Nowadays everyone has a faster transport available but reindeer is still absolutely the most magical one!  

Our sleigh ride is a peaceful experience in the authentic, wild Arctic nature, far from masses of people, noise, traffic, and buildings. Our beloved, well trained sleigh reindeer take you to a memorable journey through the fairy-tale winter forests. There will be no other sounds than yours, reindeer, and nature. No artificial lights, no hassle and hurry, and absolutely no rush or many other people. In reindeer sleigh rides, we take in only very small groups or private visitors, so this tour is free from rush and hassle  

We also warmly recommend that you’ll leave your property to our ”cell phone nursery” and concentrate completely on this meditative, many centuries old way to drive through these arctic lands. Come, relax and enjoy! 

Includes snacks and warm drinks on campfire.

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