Auttiköngäs & Korouoma Waterfalls Summer Hiking Trails

Auttiköngäs is a dream-come-true destination for day trip visitors! The whole area is surrounded by beautiful old forests, but also the Korouoma canyon is an incredible experience at summer time! This full-day hiking combo also includes a campfire BBQ. Remember to bring your camera! 

Guide will pick you up and drive you to Auttiköngäs area, where you will have your first stop and hiking. You will have the chance to admire the famous Auttiköngäs Waterfalls. The area´s main sight and attraction is the 16-meter-high Falls. The forest in the Auttiköngäs area is so old that it can be called primary or virgin forest. A short stop will be made for warm berry juice before the departure to the Korouoma Canyon.

After a short break its time for explore Korouoma Canyon. Korouoma is a millions of years old fracture valley in the bedrock. At the center of the valley, it forms a magnificent gorge that drops over a 100 meters below its surrounding terrain. With it's 100m high rocky walls and serpentine river, Korouoma leaves you speechless. At summer you can experience it's unique flora and the tranquility of the beautiful forest. This great day will be perfect for for hiking, bird watching, and nature photography! A traditional BBQ by campfire will be made during this tour or Traditional Sandwiches depending on the fire restrictions this summer. 

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