Arctic Animals Immersion

Immerse yourself in the fabulous world of Arctic animals! This tour is the only one in Lapland that really allows you to see and learn about the main animals that reside in the Arctic. 

The trip will first start with a stop at one of the most authentic reindeer farm in Rovaniemi area. Those family herders are based just outside of Rovaniemi on the lovely shores of a peaceful lake. From our perspective, they provide the best experience possible when it comes to both knowledge and service. 

As you will be taken in the surroundings, you will learn about the reindeer from the herders. They will show you around the traditional farm and, because it is the first visit of the day, you will be given a chance to feed them their favourite food, lichen, which to reindeer is like chocolate! The visit will end with a very friendly time around the fire in the company of a herder who will answer all your questions and share their passion with you. 

Once you have had a great time with the reindeer, you will get back on the road for a 3-hour drive to a remote wilderness lodge where we will sit down to a filling 3 course meal that has been prepared for you. After dinner, we will make our way to the Bear watching location for 17:45. There, surrounded by pure Lapland sceneries, you can really feel the Call of the Wild. We are just 200 metres from the Russian border, but the first Russian village is 100 kilometres away. 

A professional bear watchers will greet you silently, giving you an understanding that you are now stood in the open with wild bears in the forest around you. Then we walk a few hundred meters to the bear look out cabin. If you are lucky, you may already spot some marks and footprints on the way. Inside the hut, there are many windows and places to put your cameras, plus lots of bunk beds to allow you to sleep when you need to. 

The bear watching is an experience that we are so excited to share with the world, as it is a place of wonder. You sit down quietly, trying to make no noise at all and make some very quiet conversation about the bears lives, but the point is to be calm and let the bears come closer. No screens, no television, just watching nature. The white tailed sea eagles and rooks will start to gather, and you will hear from the squawk of the rooks that the bears are getting closer.

The next morning we will wake up and go to find breakfast from a local cafe before driving back to Rovaniemi. You may have the option to visit the Ranua Wildlife Park. We really recommend this option as it is a great opportunity to meet all the other Arctic animals, including polar bears, Arctic foxes, eagles and owls, moose, musks, otters, wolfes, etc. You will sharpen your knowledge of animals that reside in the "Far North" and get a chance to take very great pictures of them. 

You will be back to Rovaniemi around 11:00 if you do not take the Ranua Wildlife Park option, and around 13:00 if you opt for the extra visit of the Park.

What an Arctic Animal experience ! 

NOTE : The tour is running on Fridays (and back on Saturday). If you wish to join this experience on a specific date, please send an email to or give us a call (+358405688570) and we can talk about it! 

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