YASSS TO ANIMALS!!! See over 50 species of arctic animals including the rare polar bears along the wonderful 2,5km walking trail at Ranua zoo. Among the 200 animals there, see top predators such as the lynx, brown bears, wolves, arctic fox, wolverines, river otters, snow owls, and much more! Check out big herbivores like the musk ox and European moose among others. Spend time finding the hiding and camouflaged little cuties such as the minks and stoats.

After enjoying the traditional Finnish buffet lunch at the restaurant, your guide will take you to a closer encounter with Lapland’s VIP animals—the reindeer and huskies. Listen and get to know their daily lives as the husky musher and reindeer herder are happy to share many interesting stories. As one of the most popular snowy winter attractions, try also the shorter sleigh rides from the reindeers & huskies.


*2km Husky sleigh upgrade 20€/person

*5km Husky sleigh upgrade 50€/person

*2.5km Reindeer sleigh upgrade 60€/person