Crane evening in Hasselfors northern Tiveden


 In autumn thousands of cranes gather in the Örebro region waiting and feeding for
the great migration southwards to Extremadura in Spain. In the evenings at
sunset these cranes fly towards their safe sleeping areas and cross a big
nature reserve where there´s a great view. Join us and experience when
thousands after thousands of cranes fly in and near you! Dinner is included. 

Close by Tiveden is one of Mid-Sweden´s biggest marshes situated
as well as for cranes suitable autumn areas. At autumn evenings at sunset
thousands of cranes arrives to overnight stay. In big formations the come
flying in from the east, trumpeting as if to say good bye for this season. It
is hard to explain how many cranes or how big these ploughs of cranes are in
the skies. 

The evening starts with a dinner where you will be shown photos
and learn interesting info about the cranes. The life or the crane, migration,
relatives around the world and also where to go to visit nature around this
area. So you are ready to come back and explore some more of our nature. We
enjoy a dinner with dessert, Of course drinks are included. 

We continue to the 15 meter high look-out tower, built in 2015, over-looking
a nature reserve, to watch for the cranes flight path when they come from the
east. It is a complete invasion of cranes coming in waves of ploughs. The
panoramic view is also wide and the horizon endless. 

We head on to the site where the cranes land where we watch for
the cranes landing. With the forest in the back ground the sun sets in one of
the most beautiful sceneries as the sun sets while the cranes fall asleep and
we carefully go back. The tour is about 6 hrs  

This includes

A dinner and drinks are included. All transports during the tour is included. The guide will accompany you during the complete tour. Binoculars are included. Warm clothing is necessary.

Duration: Start kl. 22:00-02:00
Price: 1 500 SEK/adult
Participants: Max 8 persons

Meeting place

OK/Q8 gas station, Revirvägen 1, 695 30 Laxå. By E20 high way