Canoe tour on the river Pyhäjoki


Canoe is suitable 2-3 persons, but in river only 2 adults in one canoe. Third person can be a child. Specially in dry summers river bottom contact is possible and you may need to get out from canoe to help it back on the move. In the guided tour guide will help you and you don´t need to get out from the canoe.

In the river there is really small white water areas what are suitable for beginners. We will stop on the way to roast sausages in a small hut and have some hot drinks. 

It is also possible to do the tour by your self and rent from us kayak or canoe. We will meet you on the ending point and drive you to beginning were we will give you information about the river and canoeing. Renting doesn't include snacks by campfire.

Starting time is flexible for every summer day, because it is also possible to canoe evening time. If starting time at 10.00 am is not good for you and you would wish to do the tour in some other time send us a email about availability. =) 

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