Whitewaters of Kitka

Bring your family and join with us for immemorial experience. This trip is made of fun, laughter and excitement. Could be, that you might have nice face wash by fresh and clean water of Kitka river. This trip even swimming is a loud. Trip starts from Village Käylä, Cafe Leenan Koskitupa. There we will meet you and take to dressed up. After short lesson, we are ready for an adventure. During a rafting we will get wet in seven different rapids. Rate from 1 to 3. Rapids get bigger, what  further we go. Journey end to Village Juuma, from there is transportation back to Käylä. 

Price 35€/adult 15€/Children 5-12 years

Bookings by phone: +358 44 9857 098

By E-mail: sales@northernlightsexpedition.com

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