Birkenau Concentration Camp Tour


Visit the most well-known former concentration camp and place of genocide in the World – Concentration Camp Birkenau, where Nazis murdered around 1.5 million people.


  • 8.30 - 9.00 Hotel Pickup 
    We will pick you up up early from your hotel.
  • Transfer to Auschwitz II - Birkenau
  • Firstly, we will go to Auschwitz II on the way you will watch a documentary movie about history of concentration camps in Poland 
  • “Altejudenrampe”
  • First stop is located at “Altejudenrampe” which is historical train car, that was used to transport prisoners to Birkenau. After that our driver will take you to Birkenau.
  • Birkenau Camp
  • For the next 2.5 hours you will have time to visit and reflect on the tragedy of the place. You will receive a guide book in preferred language that will help you to move around.
  • Auschwitz III - Monowitz
  • On the way back to Krakow you will also pass by Auschwitz III – Monowitz which was one of the very first camps also the largest of the sub-camps of Auschwitz with a status of headquarters of the “industrial” sub-camps.
  • Transfer and Hotel Drop off
  • Right after, you will be transferred back to Krakow and you should be back in your hotel around 2-2.30 pm.