Summerweek Inari Finland


Arriveday : Transportation to accomodation cabin . Information , dinner and sauna .

Day 2. Fishing at Inarilake with boat , we set up fishnets and trawl, line with hooks and baitfish . Trolling on lake, lunch by openfire . Sauna and dinner at cabin.

Day 3. Fishing at Inarilake with boat , take up nets and hookline . Visiting at Goldmuseo Tankavaara  Dinner from cathfish and sauna

Day 4. Visiting at Prospectorscamp and goldpanning in real inviroment with tools . Lunch at Goldcamp . Troutishing at river with fly or spinner .Dinner and sauna

Day 5 . Salmonfishing at River Teno , catchfish up 20 kg salmon . Lunch and dinner at accomondationcabin in Utsjoki  


Day 6. Seafishing at Arcticsea Norway , cathfish halibu, cod. Evening kingcrabfishing with rods . Crabdinner 

Day 7. Transportation to airport

            Extraprogram if time in evening or daytime , picking up forestberryes , mushrooms , fatbiking on cross-country route