Arctic Night Adventure with Glass Roof Aurora Sleigh

Aurora sleigh ride in remote area of Inari brings you to the best places to chase Northern lights comfortably far away from light pollution. We pick you up from Inari village to our home where the adventure begins. Transfer takes about 20 minutes and on the way there are good locations to stop for watching Northern lights if they are in the sky already.  

Our home locates in a remote area without any light pollution. The adventure continues with special sleigh ride to the best locations for watching and photographing the Northern lights if they are around. We also set a camp fire to barbecue some snacks. In our glass roof sleigh you get a chance to enjoy comfortably arctic night sky safe from wind and freezing temperatures.

If the conditions for the Aurora watching are not good enough we will drive more. The drive then takes us through remote forests, open mires and lakes. Even without the Northern lights a night ride in the wilderness is a memorable experience. 

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