Mushroom hunting

Finland is one of the world’s best places for foraging wild foods
From the end of summer until late autumn, Liesjärvi National Park is a
foragers paradise. At Taiga Times, our guide will take you to the best
mushroom hunting spots in the national park, hunting for mushrooms as a
peaceful and unique pastime. 


• Fresh flavourful mushrooms handpicked by you
• Learn about wild edible foods from the forest
• Look and taste foraged food
• Finnish-style lunch and coffee by the campfire

However, as the name suggests, it is a hunt! We cannot always find what
we are looking for, and although most of the mushrooms are harmless,
there are many poisonous ones too. But not to worry, for your guide will
accurately advise and direct you to edible mushrooms and will always be
available to explain about the ones you have found. 

Our group will be on the lookout for trumpet chanterelles, golden
chanterelles, and penny buns, three prized fungi of the forest. If we
can collect enough for a meal, we will be able to cook them over the
campfire for lunch. Fortunately for us, if there are no edible mushrooms
to be found, we will still have plenty to scavenge and talk about!

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