Midnight sun in the archipelago

For many visitors, the midnight sun is both an amazing and confounding experience 

Imagine a summer night that never ends; while your family is at home sleeping,
you are out hiking under the midnight sun. This wonderful display is a
stark contrast which effects all walks of life in Finland and while the
season is short; we are here to make the most of it.  

Experience the incredible change in the nature of the light 

During this guided tour we offer a unique experience that allows you to
encounter one of Finland's many natural wonders. It may look like 3 in
the afternoon but in fact it is almost past your bedtime!

Because we are located so far north, we have many long days where the sun never
fully sets below the horizon, or only sets for a few hours. There is no
better way to witness this phenomenon than on the coast of a beautiful nature reserve.

We are here to give you an authentic nature experience in one of the most beautiful coastal areas of Finland.
This evening trip starts from Helsinki and we will take you Porkkalanniemi.
A peninsula which reaches out into the midst of the worlds largest archipelago 

• Experience the midnight sun in a remote setting
• Evening walks offer a new perspective to the forest
• Calm and peaceful environment
• Evening snack with a seaside view 

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