Autumn day in the wilderness

On this hike you will experience the magic of autumn and the colours
which now cover the forest; earthly hues of yellows, oranges, and reds.

The forest becomes a familiar painting which you have seen but cannot
remember from where. After the summer and its endless nights, twilight
sets in and lights up the forest creating a magnificent playground for
the photographer. 


• Experience the forests colourful transition
• Amazing photographing opportunities
• Calm and cool autumn air
• Finnish-style lunch and coffee by the campfire 

This guided tour gives you an authentic nature experience in one of
Finland’s oldest national parks: Liesjärvi. Our guide will lead you
through the colorful forest and tell you about the nature and wildlife
around you. As autumn settles in and the new colours emerge from the
trees; the forest floors teem with colourful mushrooms. 

Fall is our favorite time of year to be in the park; serenity is the
best way to describe it. The leaves falling will mesmerize you into
autumns charm, the hints of red and gold on the forest floor will leave
you in wonder, and the rustic autumn air will bring you back down to
earth feeling 100% charged!

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