M/S Kuutti cruise to the Astuvansalmi rock paintings from Anttolanhovi


Experience the biggest and most impressive rock painting sites in the Nordic countries. You have a chance to see rock paintings from the boat but also take a walk to see them close. Encounter the past and sense the historical environment as well as the great scenery along the way. The trip starts from Anttolanhovi, from where we follow the beautiful waterway thru narrow straits to Louhivesi lake area. We reach the historical and idyllic channel of Varkaantaipale and drive past historical Kallioniemi Villa and channel of Kirkkotaipale. We also pass the shore of Yövesi with its magical rugged cliffs. When we arrive to the rock paintings, we take a look at them first from the boat. After this you have also chance to take a walk and see them closer. On the way back we take a 30 minutes break in Kallioniemi,( due to it`s opening season 2020) where you can buy drinks and snacks and get familiar with Villas history. After visiting Kallioniemi we return to Anttolanhovi.

Available 15.5.-30.9.2020

This product is available Only on request