Survival Courses - Intermediate Level: 4 days

In this four-day course you have the opportunity to learn different techniques and get the chance to practice what you learnt. This longer program enables you to put the theory into practice and to correct certain details that could make a difference. Supervised by your survival instructor, you gain confidence being in the wilderness. You get the opportunity to feel comfortable whenever you are in a survival situation in a wild environment and to be able to trust your knowledge.

Day 1: we depart from our office, south of Stockholm at 9 am and drive for an hour to a forest not far from Gnesta where we’ll be having this course.

We set up camp, build a fire and get right into the survival course:

The three survival fundamentals.

Our basic needs and knowing which one to meet and in which order.

Fire : how to build it? With what? Practice time.

Shelter : how to build it? With what? Practice time.

We then enter the evening routine : cook our food on the wooden fire, using and adding what the nature has to offer and relax for the evening.

Day 2: morning routine : we get up around 8 am, build a fire for making breakfast and begin today’s course :

Food and traps: how to build and set them? Practice time (no killing during the course).

Fishing without lines and/or hooks and different fishing techniques in different situations.

Traps network.

Evening routine.

Day 3: after the morning routine:

Water : how to find and collect it? Techniques.

Camp tips and building tools

Plants: how to identify the edible, the toxic and the medicinal ones?

Evening routine.

Day 4: after our morning routine:

Silent walk and team hunting (still no killing during the course)

Orientation and map reading

Get to practice on your own what you learnt.

We then pack our gear and head back to civilisation to be in Stockholm around 5 pm.

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