Kayaking the Arctic spring ice

The arctic cold is losing its grip and the warming sun of the coming spring is melting the sea ice. After a security introduction, you enter your kayak in the open water of the Pite River where you meet the firs ice floes.  You paddle out to the sea at Bondöfjärden, where a large polynya has opened in the ice. Here you paddle among small ice bergs, ice floes and channels in the ice. You catch the artic feeling of spring by the melting ice and ice floes.   


The first gulls of the spring may great you, and maybe the sea eagle passes over you, or a curios seal watches you. You enjoy a warm drink and snacks sitting in the kayak among the ice floes, listen to the sound of cracking and dripping ice.  An experience you otherwise only can get on Greenland or in the high Arctic.

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