Sell your travel experiences at half the price of OTAs

Some OTAs take 30-40% commissions. Some even more. We work primarily through partners so we can take a much lower (15%) commission on your sales.

Toristy Integrations

How It Works

For no up front cost and half price of an average OTA we will distribute your services and on hotels and transport company websites.

If you already have an integrated booking tool we can import your full product range and start re-selling immediately. If you don't have online booking (or a website) we have a variety of solutions we can offer from free to fee based depending on what you need).

You can also add your tours, activities and experiences manually to our platform and we can resell on our channels at no charge until a product is sold.

Free to join (suppliers pay 15% commission)

We sell in destination and on this site

Join 5000+ other suppliers under one roof

We synchronise with your booking tools

Testimonial Toristy Travel

Small suppliers that make up more than half of the tour and activity providers generate less than $250,000 in gross revenue annually. Technological advancement for this sector has been slow. This is now changing rapidly due to the rise of segment specific technology and distribution platforms.

Alice Jong
Testimonial Toristy Travel

70% of attractions and experiences are bought within 3-7 days of taking the trip. Almost 50% are booked on the trip itself or 1 or 2 days in advance. Travel operators need to have the technology to be bookable when the traveller wants to book, not when its convenient to take the booking.

Douglas Quinby

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Apply here to join our platform and learn more about selling your services with hotels, travel agencies, travel websites, ferries, airlines or rail companies in your region. In order to process your request we need you to give us a little more information to make our process as fast as possible. Filling in this information means you agree to our standard terms of service. Please fill in the form as best you can.

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