The World Travel Market London (WTM London) is one of the leading global events for the travel industry. Over 50,000 people attend every year and over 5000 exhibitors. This year Toristy is one of them. We're attending as part of the TravelForward exhibitors, at stand TT905 and if you're going we'd love to see you.
If you'd like to attend we have VIP tickets for the invite only Monday event. The deal is that the event is only open to the general public on the 5th to the 6th of November and if you don't have a ticket pre registered it costs £65 on the door. With our VIP invite you get access to the event from the kick off on Monday the 4th November till the end of the event.
A good reason why we're going
At Toristy we believe that travel technology is fundamentally changing the way people travel. Today’s traveller isn't just looking for the curated, big ticket experiences but more for tailored, local, artisanal offerings that reflect the unique offerings of the region they are visiting.
Everything from lodging, to meals, to experiences is being rethought and re-examined. Travellers will often book direct flights to a location and then look for local experiences on their own.
That's the first reason we believe we should be there. We want to form as many partnerships as possible with destination management companies, airports, tour companies, ferries, train companies, online travel agents, channel managers and so much more so that when the traveller looks for that unique experience, Toristy technology puts it in front of them.
The more important reason
For too long we've all sat on the sidelines watching the planet get slowly less sustainable. The main damage has been done in the last 50 years.
We strongly believe in sustainable travel and that when we visit a place it should be done with the lowest possible carbon footprint. Our founders have kids, nephews and nieces. To us it's our responsibility to leave the planet in better shape than we found it so that the younger generation can enjoy it. 
There isn't time to just jump on the bandwagon, we need solutions like more sustainable farming where more Co2 is extracted from the air and buried deeper in the ground. We need sustainable fishing like the programs started in Madagascar. We could feed a world of 10bn people and bring emissions down if we did something like this. Something as simple as seaweed crops and shellfish farms might be able to reverse carbon emissions and feed more people.
It's far from hopeless if people come together to solve the problem and in a global connected world it is easier than ever to spread the word. 
We know we don't have all the answers to this problem. That however is the reason we're going to London. WTM have a global forum called WTM Responsible Tourism. According to their website they say "WTM Responsible Tourism is a programme of interviews, panels and debates now at four trade shows in the World Travel Market (WTM) Portfolio, including WTM London, Arabian Travel Market, WTM Latin America and WTM Africa."
We want to join those discussions to evaluate the best way we can help bring down Co2 emissions not just offset them.
The people in the Travel industry, can't plant seaweed farms, develop sustainable crops or do large scale fishing programs, but they can help by making everyone aware of how to contribute, how to get farmers to change their practices and how to lobby governments to make it happen. 
At Toristy our market is global so we think that spreading the word is one way we can help, as well as donating profits to the cause which we will do as well. However today it's about learning the best way to contribute. It's about making contact with the best agencies that point us in directions we haven't yet thought of so we can encourage sustainable growth.
As we said earlier, we believe tech is enabling the traveller to think more locally about what they want to do in the destination they arrive at. If we can encourage local businesses to be successful in a sustainable way, we have hit the target we're aiming at.
We're not going there just to pitch and partner up, though that is very important too. We're going there because we want to change the world. 
So join us, meet, network with peers and come and have a drink on us!
Fill in the form to the right or just contact with the subject line "WTM Invites" and we will endeavour to send you some tickets. They are however subject to availability so please act quickly.  

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