Suomenlinna Day Trip

Suomenlinna is one of Helsinki, Finland’s main attractions and has fascinating sights. Getting away from the noise of the city to this cultural treasure with a sea view can be attained through a 15 to 20-minute ferry journey from Helsinki. Suomenlinna is a sea fortress that dates back midway through the 18th century and has been redeveloped often ever since. In 1991, it was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for being a “unique example of the military architecture of its era.” 

Although Suomenlinna is regarded as a tourist attraction, it stands out as a home to more than 800 permanent residents. It means “Finnish castle”, and it represents an authentic and interesting display of Finnish culture, history, and architecture against a scenery of breath-taking nature. 

It can be thought of as a park in the middle of the sea. A variety of artistic garden structures and gardening has always been associated with the history of Suomenlinna. Suomenlinna’s fortifications blend well into the landscape, being dominated by greenery. The island is open to visits every day of the year and is only one in the numerous day trips you can take from the Finnish capital.

A day trip to Suomenlinna is a wonderful experience. The cost for the ferry is inexpensive and lets you see a mesmerising view of harbour and islands along the way. It features many historical sights and open green areas with the views of the landscape or sea. The island is marked with a fortress, cannons, churches, old buildings, tunnels, restaurants, museums, stores, which are testimony to its rich history.

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King’s Gate or Kuninkaanportti, is the main entrance of the fortress and is also known as the symbol of Suomenlinna. Apart from the Kings’ Gate, the island’s most well-known symbol are its cannons. Cannons from the Russian period can still be seen on the sandbanks of Kustaanmiekka.

The Suomenlinna church, which was built in 1854, is exceptional for it also serves as a lighthouse for both air and sea traffic - a function shared by only two other churches in Finland. Its classic onion domes will make you stare in awe!

One of the oldest remaining buildings in the area of Helsinki is Bastion Zander. It is among the four bastions that shape Suomenlinna’s fortress chain. There are lots of tunnels to explore too. The young ones, in particular, will enjoy the tunnels. Just make sure to bring a torch as no lighting is available.

A fair share of cafés, stores, and restaurants can also be seen on the island. Café Piper, for example, opened its doors to summertime visitors in 1928.

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There are plenty of sights to see during a Suomenlinna day trip. The island is just simply beautiful and extraordinary. Don’t forget to take your camera with you.

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