Long Distance Gravel Biking in Helsinki


Helsinki, capital of Finland, is covered with forests, dirt roads, tracks, and beautiful coastlines, making it a great place of destination for those who want to try gravel biking. Gravel biking is an incredible way to get lost in nature while having fun by touring around the area and outdoors. Aside from having your social circle expanded by meeting new people and enjoying each other’s company, gravel biking also helps you promote overall health and wellbeing. You can get to appreciate the fulfillment that comes from improving your fitness while having a good time!


The occupied centers are provided with cycle paths and large cities like Helsinki are well suited to bikes with marked routes and allocated cycling lanes. The most interesting part with Finnish roads is, however, the huge network of gravel roads passing through the green pine forests. There are all kinds of those, ranging from wide white roadways to single-track trails to snowmobile trails. You can travel across Finland through dirt roads for about over 90% for some time but it will take longer. Dirt roads are usually the only way to make it to countless lakeshores of Finland since major roads are always built farther away from the water due to weather and maintenance issues. 


All the roads are also suitable for beginner cyclists because there are a bunch of places to stay for a while and rest on the way. Plus, ferry crossings suggest that sometimes you have no other option but to come down and use the opportunity to recharge your batteries while enjoying the landscape.


Remember to play it safe and use caution when necessary, particularly during busy roads and inclement weather. Get a taste of what this marvelous place has to offer in gravel biking. Prepare yourself to explore Helsinki by bike!


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