Horse Trekking in and around Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki, Finland is a beautiful and peaceful place, sitting on the peninsula in the Gulf of Finland. Green spaces in and around the city are an essential part of the landscape and are integral in improving everyday life for the residents.


The government of Helsinki have a very positive attitude towards forestry and nature protection. This enables them to constantly monitor, improve, and conserve all their natural resources.

Surrounded by nature and adventure, the capital delights tourists with its mesmerising seaside landscape and green urban areas covered with endless forests. One of the best ways to explore the landscape is by taking a horse trekking trip.

Horse Trekking

Helsinki’s horse trekking options vary from serious training to relaxed cross-country riding.

Being able to experience freedom in its purest sense as you ride, horse trekking can be a thrilling and fulfilling adventure. It offers you a chance to go deeper into the forests and traverse landscapes that may be challenging on foot. You will get to enjoy the wonderful wildlife along with the option to ride over river valleys, ridges and dense forests.

Horse therapy

Not only it is relaxing, but it can be therapeutic. Being on the back of a horse offers you a chance to practice agility and patience (at least in my case!) It also gave me a great feeling of wellbeing by letting go of the stress and negativity while being outdoors, especially in these challenging times.

Spending some time with these amazing creatures put me in a really relaxed state of mind. The natural rhythm of the horse supports your circulation whilst gently massaging your muscles, joints, and spine.

I felt great and a few hours later it felt like I’d done a work out too.

Saddle up and enjoy authentic Finnish nature without polluting the environment! If you'd like to experience riding in Helsinki we have a trip we can offer.

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