Toristy is an In Destination reseller and online software as a service. Our mission is to make tour and activity operators in the experiences sector of travel famous. We do this by selling operator services on the websites of domestic travel networks such as ferries, trains, airlines, hotels (concierges) and local marketplaces, helping operators build a local sales network and simultaneously providing new revenue streams for all concerned. Toristy resells 1000s of services and works with partners such as Google, HotelBeds, Bókun, PrioHub, WeChat and others to create the supply and demand in domestic markets.

Toristy is a Finnish company with an international team and outlook. Our brand reflects the experiences you can see and do in Finland. We've taken our brand colours from the magnificent northern lights which you can see very clearly in winter especially in the Lapland area.

We got into this business to help smaller businesses thrive in a tough environment and we're geared up to sell activities, experiences, events and tours, in a white labeled offering on websites with high volumes of travel consumer traffic designed for in-destination sales. 

Steve Jackson

CEO & Founder

Steve Jackson, CEO, is the main business development and strategic lead of the business. A highly respected and well known name in the analytics industry in his previous career and a sought after speaker in Europe and the USA.

Steve is also a published author (Cult of Analytics) and previously had two successful exits as CEO/founder (Aboavista in 2006, and Quru Oy in 2016).

A native of Sunderland in the UK, he can often be found shouting at the TV when his beloved SAFC are losing at football, sampling the finest malt whiskeys or fishing somewhere.

Clinton Deacon

CTO and Founder

Clinton Deacon, CTO, is a technical developer with a strong understanding of full stack development and APIs and is the lead developer of Toristy.

He previously had one successful exit with which in 2015 was one of the world's largest online auto enthusiast publications which was acquired by MotorSport LLC and became part of the portfolio. He previously served as CTO of the digital analytics company Quru Oy.

A native from Leicester in the UK, Clinton can often be found secretly practising at pool so he can beat his friends and colleagues on a Friday night after work.

Mylene Soriano

Head of Business Development (APAC)

Experienced sales and account manager with more than 15 years in the travel sector. Background in global sales and account management in the technical sector, focusing on digital development in the travel experiences sector for the last 5 years. Strong knowledge in sales strategy and account optimization in tour experiences across the Asia Pacific formerly working with Trip Advisor and later Bókun

A native from Manila in The Philippines Mylene has lived in Singapore for the last 13 years and you can often find her in a karaoke bar, singing her heart out or having a foot and body massage. 


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